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    map filter

    Reza Kadivar

      hi Friends.I have a dashboard with a map and a table of list.i make map use as filter. when you click on a state on map you see state cities on table of list.next i have a dashboard with a bar chart.i want make action that when i click on a state on map bar chart in next dashboard show information about state and table of list show citeis. then when i click on city bar chart show information about city "without jamping next dashboard when i click on states and table of list".

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          Manideep Bhattacharyya

          Hello Reza - Looks like your Filter actions has jumbled up. Try not to use "Use as Filter" option, instead create individual action from Dashboard --> Action and create one by one filter and test that out. This should solve your issue.




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            Reza Kadivar

            thank you for your answer my friend.but i have not any problem with map and first dashboard.i have 10 dashboard and i want user select states or cities in the first page by click on the map.but i see in tableau when you not click on the map and not select any state or city bar charts in next dashboard show all of values.i want when i not click on map in the first page, in the other pages charts only show country value. I waiting for your answer.tanks a lot

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              Reza Kadivar

              I send a file. in first dash you have a map that you can select a state. in the second dash exist a tree map that you can select a city.and finally in the last dash you have a bar chart. when you select a state next a city bar chart is OK and  i want know is this work for drill down is correct? and do you have any Idea?even if you not want see bar chart for cities it is enough that click on state on map and not select a city.but i don't now how i can comparison 2 or more state or city.plz help me

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                Swarup K

                Reza attach .twbx file