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    Can't publish extracts

    barney roddis


      We have a new Tableau server installation with the primary containing gateway and search and worker containing everything else.

      We can't publish extracts due to the following error :


      Tableau data engine error 8 has occurred in IPC_socket::Recv(buffer length 16)

      the existing connection was forcibly removed by host.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      (reports can be published with live data sources)


      I've logged a couple of tickets with the support desk but do not get any response, any ideas why ?

      The first ticket I logged (for unreletaed licence issues) was answered straight away but tickets relating to this haven't even had any acknowledgement email

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          Tharashasank Davuluru

          HI Barney,


          There is a similar thread in the community. Luke Brady has answered with some resolutionDataSourceException: tableau Data Engine Error : 8 : An error has occured in IPC_Socket:::Recv. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

          From there i got this solution:


          1. Stop Tableau Server
          2. Remove all services from Worker 2.  Add all services to Primary
          3. Start Tableau Server.  Wait for services to sync
          4. Stop Tableau Server
          5. Remove all services from Primary except Gateway and Index Search.  Add all services back to Worker 2.
          6. Start Tableau Server.  Wait for all services to sync
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            barney roddis

            Hi Tharashasank

            I'd seen your post re removing and re publishing workbook but alas we have never been able to publish extracts(just trying to publish the datasource atm). I will try the 'move services back to primary' next. was hoping to avoid this I think more because I find the server stop config start process incredibly frustrating in that it takes a bizarrely long time and has limited visibility, even my display status menu item doesn't seem to do anything.

            I'll replay back again to advise of progress, thanks for your interest.


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              barney roddis


              I followed the process with the added step of de installing and reinstalling the worker node and it now works

              I did this because I had installed it on the wrong drive so not sure whether it had any impact on this fault.

              I notice howeverr that the worker node is showing as unlicensed and our server core licence doesn't seem to be applicable on it so I've emailed cust server about that.

              I also read that the drives for vizsql and ms sql will need installing on the worker node so I'm wondering whether these drivers are downloaded from tableau or from the 3rd party sites ?

              It does seem to work with doing these additional installs although I havent refreshed the extract yet.