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    Problems calculating 'with-in group' rates for a dimention with two groups.

    Dawit Gelan

      I have a sample data set that has four columns ( id, graduated (Y/N), gender(M/F), cohort(2005-09) and I am trying to create a line graph that showes two lines with a % graduated (one for male and one for female) for every cohort. Here's my current attempt (also in the workbook attached)

      1. I put the cohort pill on the column shelf I put the countd(ID) on the rows shelve and did a quick table calc (Percent of Total, Compute Using Table (down))
      2. and I placed the status dimension on the Color mark, and finally I placed gender on the Detail mark.


      What I get after doing this is four lines with a graduated status Y and N for each gender (Male and Female). The numbers are correct but I only want to display the graduated status Y line, one for male and one for female and hide the graduated status N line without affecting the percentage calculation. Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.