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    Tableau and Dynamics Navision

    Jason Kleinhans

      Good day


      I am doing testing to see if Values in Tableau correspond to values in my OLAP Cube . I user Tableau 9.3 which connects to my relational data source / Dynamics NAV (SQL) , I have added the same filter which is in my OLAP Cube report in Tableau so that I can match what I see in the cube , I have tested values for 2 specific customers for the period of December 2015 , however on the 3 December the cube does not match Tableau , however the dynamics Navision data is the data that is pulled into Tableau , but the values don't match , but when I extract the data from dynamics nav into excel and sum the sales amount I get the same value that is in the cube but why does Tableau not show me the correct value see attached screenshots I have also attached my workbook

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          Hey Jason,


          To make sure I'm understanding the issue clearly:


          When you connect live to your cube, you see different data for a specific date in the cube and in Tableau. When you extract the data, it matches up correctly.


          Is this correct?





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            Jason Kleinhans

            Good day Diego


            I have resolved my issue , I have found a way to do the calculations so that the values correspond

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              Jason Kleinhans

              Diego sorry for saying that i have resolved the issue , I have tested my calculations against 3 customers , however when i select all Customers my values for Gross Profit and Gross Profit % and Net Revenue does not correspond to the values in my OLAP Cube (Data Warehouse)

              I have a dataset , all data coming from Microsoft Dynamics Navision [Relational Data Source (SQL)], i have a desire to calculate Actual GP, Actual GP% and Net Revenue

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                Jason Kleinhans

                Diego , looking at my relational data source data from Navision , I just did a check on a single customer called Vinimark , and I dragged the sales amount(actual) in the view and you will notice that table does not include the credit memo amount that was done -902.38 which have an impact on the Grand total amount. The negative value of -902.38 you will see I have highlighted it in yellow should be next to Popular Premium. I think this goes for every customer , if Tableau does not include the negative values I will never have the correct grant total.

                Or I am properbly something wrong in the tableau view . This value should correspond to my Cube Sales Report , because if I do analysis between The CUBE and Microsoft Navision , Navision's values correspond to the CUBE.

                Vinimark sales amount.JPGtableau vinimark sales amount.JPG

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                  Jason, we used cubes a lot in the past. Once we adopted Tableau about 5 years ago, we started to move away from cubes. For some specific needs, cubes are still the best approach. But for the most part, we dropped cubes and connected Tableau directly to relational databases. This approach is easier to maintain and debugging the business logic like the issue above is fairly straightforward. Our approach uses a data warehouse for NAV and Tableau for presentation. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.