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    One Dimension, Multiple Measures  - Formatting Help

    Mary Wike

      Hello All!


      I have a report with one dimension (Metrics) that has multiple fields (Leads, % of Total, etc.). I'm hoping to get each field to have individual formatting.


      I've attached the file and what I'm looking for as far as individual fields go:


      1. Leads - Number
      2. % of Total - Percentage (No decimals)
      3. Sales $ - Number
      4. Units - Number
      5. Win Rate - Percentage


      Can I apply formatting on different fields? I've tried a calculation only to get a repeating number within the field for each Measure Value instead of its individual number.


      If not, that's okay, I can make the decimals work - it'll just be a bit crowded. Or I rework the excel.


      Thank you for any help!