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    Save button option not showing in Web Edit


      Our users have been complaining that they can not save over other people's reports. I myself, the server administrator, have noticed that the "Save" button in the web edit does not appear when I attempt to make a change to a report owned by someone else. The work around I have been using and telling others is to click "Save As" and type in the exact name of the report in the same folder. This will give a "do you wish to overwrite" prompt. The work around works fine, no permission issues.


      Here is a screenshot of me(server admin) hitting "Save As" and using the same report name. Notice there isn't a "Save" option. After I click "Yes" on the "Overwrite it?" prompt I then get the "Save" button in web edit. Any idea how to correct this? Our users are saving as with different report names and clustering our projects.