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    Create an overlapping field?

    Lotte Kammenga

      I have a table where I have the age of the customer on the Y axis and their gender on the X axis. Then I have the count of sales, and also the percent of sales. Like so:


      Age          Gender          Gender %

                    F          M          F          M

      18-25     20     20          50%         50%

      26-30     10     40          20%         80%

      31-35     80     20          80%         20%

      36-40     40     0            100%       0%


      I'd like to do an aggregate, so it shows the total sales per age group. I can click Analysis->Totals->show row total, but then it also gives the total of the % of sales. I don't want to have the total % of sales though, because they will always be 100% so that's redundant. But I can't seem to get the totals of only the counts.


      So I thought I'd make a calculated field with F, M and Total as categories, but I can't figure out how to make overlapping categories with if functions.

      Any ideas what I can do with this?