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    Report with Extract on Server showing different data in Desktop

    Lynsey Mailer

      HI Tableau-gurus!


      I've come across a weird problem which quite honestly has been driving me crazy!


      I have a workbook which is using an extract I've created from a live data source. I use an extract because the workbook performs poorly using a live connection. I've published this workbook to server and set up both an incremental refresh daily and a full refresh on weekends which is working perfectly.


      The problem I'm having is that the report is updating on Server after each refresh however when I open the workbook on Desktop it will only show data from the last time I manually refreshed the extract in workbook. This is frustrating as once a week I'll need to go into the workbook and exclude a few records from the report so I need to manually refresh the extract (even though it's up to date on Server) before I can do my exclusions and re-publish.


      Has anyone else come across a similar issue or understand why this might be happening and how I can overcome it?