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    Discussion on Measure as A Quick Filter instead of Slider


      I have Column name Called 'Line Value' which is a Measure,i would like to use it as a Quick filter instead of Slider i want A Multiple Selection Filters,and the multiple selction Should be Of Range From"0-10M,10M to 20M, up to 500 M and caluculation should be based on Sum(Line Value).i have written A calculation as Below


      str(if sum([Line Value])< 10000000 then '0-10m'


      STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'1') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'19') then '10-20M'

      elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'2') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'29') then '20-30M'

      elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'3') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'39') then '30-40M'

      elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'4') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'49') then '40-50M'

      elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'5') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'59') then '50-60M'

      elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'6') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'69') then '60-70M'

      else null


      But i am Not able to use it as Quick Filter,currently i am USing 9.1 version.


      Is there any other Calculation we can Use for this Requirement.and it should be based on Sum(Line Value) and also it should be Multiple select Filter.

      Can Any one of you help me,i am stuck with this requirement.Apart from this Calculation so you know any Other Calculation??


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