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    Conditional Cell Problem...

    Igor Dobry



      May i ask your help with a conditional formatting i'm trying to archive, which looks simple but i couldn't make it...


      I want to show the Contracts per Year of Award, for each year i want to show the contracts which are going to start, it means showing the Name of the Vessel and Field....and we would like to the Cell color different depending of the type of contract...i can do it fine using text, but i couldn't find a way to do it painting the entire cell...see the pictures below.


      It should show the text inside a Square...but when i change the Marks to Square...it looks like this

      if i try to increase the size of the Square, they overlap it other...

      I have tried the treemaps but didnt work either...i just want to have something like this...(Excel snapshot)


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          Shinichiro Murakami

          I don't think this is your preferred solution, but what I tried anyway.


          Using "Square" and adjust size is the closest solution.

          As long as I know, there is no "Rectangle" in default shape.


          However, you can create user shape.

          I just created my own "Rectangle" shape.



          1. Create "Rectangle" in excel, or any application

          2. Save that shape in somewhere.

          3. Open Tableau Repository  C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Shapes

          4. Create new folder

          5. Save created "Rectangle" shape in newly created folder.



          Then apply this shape into your graph, instead of "squarer".

          Adjust the size.





          9.0 attached.  (not sure how t look like without designated user created shape)

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            Andrew Malburg

            The main issue I've seen with this is that the "rectangle" is not really a rectangle but a square with an invisible box around the top and bottom.  When trying to put two of these rectangles near each other one will override the other an creates major issues trying to click on the correct one.  An example is when two rectangles are put close together on a background image; you'll see that tableau does not interpret these as rectangles, but as squares.


            What ends up happening is to click on one of them you will need to click well above the shape otherwise the incorrect shape will be selected due to this square phenomenon.


            If you know a way around this that would be great.

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              Shinichiro Murakami



              I already forgot the historical discussion, but using Bar chart instead can be a solution ?

              I'm sorry if I'm asking same/similar  question...







              Bar's size change does not violate vertical boarder only horizontal order.