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    SeaTUG Event on May 18th- A Better Way to Curate Data for Tableau

    Anthony Gould

      If you find the need for various "data gymnastics" before bringing Tableau into the equation, you'll find this next session enlightening and inspiring! 


      The May SeaTUG event focuses on the data challenges organizations and their analysts commonly face.  The presentation will demonstrate successful approaches to data ranging from typical in our day-to-day roles to analytics related to IoT (Internet of Things), and Text Enrichment. 


      Planned topics include the list below, however the event will be focused on engaging the community in their data challenges and questions.


      Integrating with IoT

      Raspberry - Pi EKG machine


      When SQL is not enough

      Time for R or Python


      Data Cleanliness

      Using Geo coding to normalize Address data


      Text Enrichment

      NLP analysis of social or customer service data


      One More

      Surprise by Popular Demand


      Keboola is sponsoring our May event.  We've enjoyed the opportunity to partner with them to bring this topic to the community.  We’re very excited to highlight Keboola’s capabilities, which enables the analyst to blend data from a wide variety of sources, apply a variety of further intelligence and output results to Tableau.  I'm confident every attendee will leave with new data and Tableau inspiration.

      The event will be held at the Alexis Hotel, Grand Parlor, in downtown Seattle.  Directions and parking information included below.


      5:00pm Welcome

      5:15pm Viz and Share

      5:30pm IOT, Keboola and Tableau

      7:00pm Social hour


      Register here: SeaTUG: A Better Way to Curate Data for Tableau Registration, Wed, May 18, 2016 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite