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    Need help performing opening PDF file and perform search on key word

    Srikanth R

      Hi Gurus,


      Here is the scenario given to me and i am not sure how i can get this done.


      Created a cross tab report which contains Item Number and Name and short description


      Item Number   Item Name     Description

      Item 100          Books             Contains Comic books

      Item 200          Pens               Contains Ball Point Pen

      Item 300          Binders           Contains Binders


      All the information about the items is located in the PDF document / Microsoft Office Document.


      Now when the user clicks on Item 100 we need to open up the PDF document and search for Item 100 and navigate to it.


      So far i was able to open up the PDF file by doing the URL action .


      Is their a way to perform search or do a book mark ? Is this possible ?


      Any suggestions or links will be a great help