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    Sync Client vs. Commandline Invoked Refresh

    Stuart Bell

      We're in the midst of spinning up a Tableau Online reporting service and have setup our extracts using windows scheduler/commandline invoked data refreshes pushing up to Online from behind our firewall. We went this route over the sync client for a few reasons - primarily the fact that in 9.2 it couldn't run as a service which wasn't applicable to a production environment where we didn't want to worry about the status of an application running on the server.


      Anyway, long story short - we're already setup this way, but as it sounds like Tableau is fleshing out the sync client (Can the Sync Client for Tableau Online be run as a service? ) - is there any reason to consider switching to the client over command line at this time? Are there any benefits beyond the user friendly UI and ability to set schedules from the browser?



      Also - in regards to commandline invoked refreshes - are there any best practices around this? We've been running into a gremlin or two with phantom failures. We think it's related to overlapping jobs on the same machine, but wondering if there's anything else we should know.


      Thanks - Stuart

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          Steve Burger

          Good Morning Stuart,


          Good questions and observations.


          You've described the primary pros and cons of using the command line over the UI Sync client pretty thoroughly. One item, the command line not only provides refreshes but can also allow you to append to an existing published extract, should you require that option.


          In regards to the question 'Should we switch'? As we say in Texas, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.  It sounds like you have an excellent handle on how the refresh process occurs and the command line approach gives you a little more control over the process.


          I'm happy to hear other's thoughts on this.


          As far as Gremlins... That would take some diagnosis, it could include network issues outside Tableau Online, issues at the source being refreshed, etc.  If it persists or worsens, please open a support ticket.


          If you find this response helpful or answers your question satisfactorily, please mark it here.



          Steve Burger

          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor

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