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    How to use if condition along with CONTAINS

    Ram Korukonda



      Below is my requirement.Can anyone please help.


      i have a field called "Description" which has multiple rows.


      i have created a parameter "Select" with values REC,Total,Non-REC


      now i want to present only those values on view(bar graph) dynamically when selecting using parameter


      When i select REC -->it should give those rows from "Description" field which contains "REC"

      When i select Total -->it should give those all rows from "Description" field irrespective of contains

      When i select Non-REC -->it should give those rows from "Description" field which does not contains "REC"



      Current status:


      i have created a boolean calculated field as below and which is working for only 2 conditions.




      It is working for REC as i used REC while creating parameter

      It is working for Total as i used a blank space while creating paramater-->all rows contains blank field so it will return all rows by default when i select Total.


      Need to work on how to get rows which does not contains "REC".