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    Calculated Field Text Being Distorted when connected to an External Monitor

    Todd Richards

      I'm on Windows 8.2 on a Yoga 12 laptop using 9.3 (was on 9.2 a couple of days ago).  The laptop does not have a VGA port so I have to connect a mini HDMI adapter to the external monitor's VGA plug.  When I work with a calculated field, the text becomes distorted when I have to go in the middle of the text and make modifications.  This happens only when I have an external monitor connected to my laptop through the mini HDMI port regard of whether or not the monitor has a VGA or HDMI plug.  Now, I did NOT have this issue when I was on 9.1.


      Here's the image of what I have to deal with.  Is this a known bug in the current versions Tableau?  Any fixes for it?


      Distored Texts.JPG