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    Compute and display risks along program level

    Jaspreet Narang

      Hi everyone,

      I am going to use an example to explain the issues I am facing.


      I have a view which shows the total number of closed high risks associated with a program.



      I created a field to check which program has the most number of high risks and as you can see from the below pic the answer is Premier.




      I have another data sources connected via primary key “Project ID” which goes a little deeper and shows description of those issues.

      There are two issues that I am facing here:

      1. Premier as a whole is program and 5 projects roll into that program. One project has 3 risks and the other one has 1 which makes it 4 total risks for the program itself. When I try to display the number of risks associated with different projects in premier it only shows me the project in premier that has the most risks and the other one doesn’t gets displayed.



      2. When I try to show description of the risks using the other data source it shows me a “*”



      Can anyone help me to solve this issue please ??


      I have attached the workbook also.(Version 9.0)


      Thanks and Best Regards,