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    Unable to create a hierarchy inside a planogram

    Somok Sarkar

      Hello Everyone,


      I Have a requirement where I want to shot the footfall of a retail store at 30 mins time interval. The data set I have includes The category and the subcategory Hierarchy. My requirement is


      1. I would like to have two area chart initially. One for the all the Category and one for Sub Category.


      2. If I click on any category of the planogram (Picture) It should show an area chart for all the subcategories which is a part of that category on the second Area Chart.


      Eg. If I click on the Category Header "Electronics" It should build an area chart for with only the 7 relevant sub category (DSLR, laptops & Tablets, Smartphones, Other Electronics, Televisions, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven)


      3. If I click on any subcategory in the planogram if should show a heatmap based on Minutes of Operation.


      I have shared the dataset I have along with the file. Can some one please guide me about which dataset should be relevant and how to avoid this complexity.