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    Questions to ask when publishing a dashboard as a Site Admin

    Michael Szymanski



      I am a Site Admin for our tableau server.  I have 10 developers that have to come to me order to get their dashboards published to the server.

      Can someone share a template of questions and check points to have the developers submit with their dashboard in order for the process to go smoothly?

      I am looking for something to document this process, other then just an email  to me requesting to publish their dashboard.  Thank you. Michael

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          Mark Wu

          Just for your reference although the following questionnaires may be too heavy for your case. I am using some of those as new site creation request questionnaires.


          • Briefly describe the purpose and value of the workbook.
          • Who are the audiences of the reports? How many audiences do you anticipate? Are there any partners who will access the workbook?
          • What are the data sources?
          • Are there any sensitive data to be reporting on (like federal data, customer or client data)? If yes, describe in details about the source data.
          • Are there any private data as part of source data? (like HR data, sensitive finance data)
          • Does the source data have enterprise level of data? If yes, what is the plan for data level security?
          • What are the primary data elements / measures to be reporting on (e.g. booking, revenue, customer cases, expenses, etc)
          • What will be the dimensions by which the measure will be shown (e.g. product, period, region, etc)
          • How often the source data needs to be refreshed?
          • What is anticipated volume of source data? How many quarters of data? Roughly how many rows of the data?  Roughly how many columns of the data?
          • Is the data available in enterprise data warehouse?
          • What is the average render time of the workbook?
          • Who is going to support the workbook?
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            Justin D'Cruze

            Really depends to what extend you're applying governance in your environment - some key points might be

            • Naming conventions for data sources, so that users have at-least a basic idea of where its coming from and whether it is Live/Extract
            • For data sources which will be used by business users for Desktop/web authoring, fields should have meaningful names (and/or have default comments that describe them)
            • For extracts, file size and refresh duration. Given the way backgrounder processes on Tableau Server work, you really want to push for extracts to be cut down as much as possible to make sure they don't occupy backgrounder processes and server resources for longer than they need to
            • Performance metrics - this depends on how long your users are willing to wait,what they're used, your data warehouse, etc......but you might want to set some basic guidelines around dashboard performance (e.g. must load within 20 secs)
            • Security and permissions to be applied


            First 2 points are important if you're heavy on Published Data Sources, otherwise can probably be disregarded (although still well worth considering)