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    Bar chart-show not as stack with all groups totaled and stacked but as single bar with all groups colored

    Josh Flory

      Not sure how to describe this well, but the issue is I have a bar chart that is taking five groups and stacking each group so 5 groups of 100 each means the total is 500.  Even though each group is really 100.


      I want to show a total bar height of 100 but inside the bar color each group by percentage of whole like a 100% stacked but inside the bar.




      Without the Visa Class:



      Issue is I need to keep Visa Class so I can show size, but I don't need the Paid Wage Per Year to ALSO be broken down by Visa Class.


      I want attorney at 130K but I want to see what percentage of attorney was made up of each Visa Class by coloring the bar accordingly.