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    Assistance required to calculate “Production Rate” using two data sources in a workbook?

    Lance Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any assistance with regards the logic on how to go about calculating “Weekly Production Rate” when my formula (calculated field) is dependent on two data sources



      • The formula for my Weekly Production Rate (LW Rate t/hr) = Surv LW Tonnes / Operating Time (hrs)



      • Surv LW Tonnes  – is derived from the “vw_UG_Production (ug.vw_UG_Production) (SORD)” data source, and


      • Operating Time (hrs)  – is derived from the “vw_MODEL_Delays (ug.vw_MODEL_Delays) (SORD)” data source



      You will notice from my attached workbook that I have attempted to calculate the Weekly Production Rate without success (see measure calculated field – LW Rate t/hr)


      In Summary:

      • I would like my “Weekly Production Rate (LW Rate t/hr)” measure to be present in my Primary view “vw_MODEL_Delays (ug.vw_MODEL_Delays) (SORD)” please?


      • I have also attached my workbook and both data source extracts as required