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    Highlight rules with indexed measure


      Has anyone worked with highlighting rules while using an index() function to rank?  So I'm using this formula to highlight all bars over the average: AVG([Amount])>=WINDOW_AVG(AVG([Amount])). This works just fine. However, the bars of data are individual names. I have an index() function to allow end users to see whatever range of names -  top 10, bottom 10, etc (based on amount). However if I change the index() filter (Which is a slider 1 to 100), the highlighting doesn't change - even though my average reference line does. However, if I manually right click on some of the bars and select "Exclude", my highlighting does change dynamically.  Any suggestions? I've attached a sample workbook (built with v9.2).

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          Steve Burger



          Does this solve your problem.  If so,please mark the answer correct so that others can find it quickly, thanks!


          I broke out the calculation of each name into an LOD fixed on name, LOD - Amt Per Name - {FIXED Name : SUM(Amount)}


          and then broke out the AVG(Amount) in an LOD Fixed across all values, Window Average Amount - {FIXED : AVG(Amount)}


          and put them together into 'Below Avg Flag' - [LOD - Amt Per Name]>=[Window Average Amount]


          Looks like it does what you want, slide the index slider and it recalculate the flag for above and below average.


          Steve Burger

          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor

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            Thanks Steve! Sorry I've been out of the office on vacation. I'll give this a shot sometime this week. Thanks!