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    embedding dashboard, and login and log on

    Minkwan Choi


      This is Minkwan Choi.

      I am sending this e-mail to figure out the way of the embed.

      well, my project is embed a dashboard in my website.

      of course i did really easily embed it. but here is my question....

      here is the issue that i really want to figure out.

      right now, user need to log in twice,
      first user login with our system,
      second, the user need to log in again with the tableu account (local user or the tableau user). so that he or she can see the dashboard.

      but i do not want user log in twice.
      when user login with our login system, at the backside of our web-site, make automatically log-in and log-on at the tableau server or online. and then user can see or edit dashboard inside of our web-site (if they do have permission).


      well, I though the "Login REST API" can figure out this. but looks like the rest api does not support embedding dashboard.

      ... so is there any way that i can try???


      I saw the Single sign on, but looks like those are using the other SSO products. so i really confuse it... of if there is a SSO for this, which SSO is can support it.?


      can somebody can help me up??

      thank you.