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    tabjolt errors

    Jeff Strauss

      It's been almost a year since I last ran tabjolt (and documented the process) so I downloaded all the up-to-date tabjolt from github and re-read the instructions.  Now I am receiving errors.  Any advice is much appreciated.


      - Receiving 401 errors.  I saw some other forum post that tells me to update forcelogin to true.  I do this, but then I get some other error related to type conversion.  VERY frustrating.




      - Trying to run with a service id or my own id.  Both fail, they both have full rights


      - Set my jmx ports to true


      - Enabled remote registry on my workers (distributed environment)


      - Updated config files.  They are attached


      - Running with 9.2.6



      Neelesh Kamkolkar     kaifeng zeng