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    Calculating Turnover Ratio's

    Jennifer Seitz

      Hello all!  I am trying to create a custom calculation that will give me turnover ratio.  This is something I currently do in Excel (will be connecting the data source so I don't have to refresh manually), but would like to have it done in Tableau so I can automate the data source & graph it. I'm struggling with creating the custom calculation so I can graph the results (I can get averages using the system generated calculations, but that doesn't allow me to calculate the ratio, which is why I think I need a custom calc).  Essentially I need to take the YTD total terms ([FTE_Term]) divided by the YTD average of the total active FTE's ([FTE_Active]) across a time dimension.  There are other dimensions that I will use to create additional detail naturally (such as term reason). I can't figure out the syntax to create a calculated measure so I can graph it and add detail. For example, using the dataset below, I would want to break out that 4.2% ratio and provide the ratio by term reason, or term type, and department, etc monthly or year over year.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Example Dataset:



      Jan    Feb     Mar     AVG

      504     531     542     526



      Jan     Feb     Mar     YTD

      8          7          7        22



      YTD Mar