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    Is there a way to make this button better?


      Hi everyone,


      I hope you're all having a great weekend. For me, the highlight of this weekend would be solving my latest Tableau issue


      So, I've been working on a project which involves moving from one dashboard to another.

      I have attached a dummy file which helps explain the issue.


      This is how I want the navigation to work -


      1. On Dashboard 1, User clicks on a bubble in the chart.


      2. User is then navigated to Dashboard 2. (Dashboard 2 has been updated to reflect the selection made on Dashboard 1)


      3. When the User has finished looking at Dashboard 2 they press the button to return to Dashboard 1.


      4. User is navigated back to Dashboard 1. The selection they made in step 1 has been cleared from the bubble chart.



      So far everything works well for me apart from the second part of Step 4. When we are taken back to Dashboard 1 the selection made is still showing (one circle coloured and the rest greyed out).


      Is there any way to clear this by pressing on the blue button in dashboard 2?


      Anyone with a solution will be a real-life superhero.