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    Visualize the transition of sales and customers over a few years


      For each year, I wish to show which company's increased/decreased sales over the last financial year has adversely/positively affected which company's sales and by what amount or percentage. For example if the market share of company X is going down by 10%, there has to be another company/companies which is able to get some share of the sales lost by X. I want to track this keeping the 1) First year i.e FY 13-14 as a reference  2)Previous year as a reference. Also, it would be great if you could help me track my customers i.e the customers who are moving away/moving towards my company and the companies these customers are moving to/away from. To sum up, I want to show the transition of 1)sales 2)customers. Please let me know if I am not clear. Attached is a sample data and a twbx file.     

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