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    Weight Metrics - Nutrition

    Larlkyn Lee

      Hello guys, I'm a bit new to Tableau and I'm currently playing around with the trial version.  I wanted to see if I can utilize Tableau for my application in tracking health metrics.  For instance, I have a bunch data that contains attributes such as Weight, BMI, % Body Fat, % Muscle Mass, % Body Water, etc.  These data points are logged on a daily basis ( so far I have 30 days of these data points) per client.  I wanted to create a Report or Visualization that tells a story of how client is progressing over a period of time based on their goals.   I've been playing around with graphing different attributes but can't seem to find one that can communicate the data properly in a visual way.  I've attached a sample .xls file.  Any ideas are welcome.




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          Dan Sanchez

          Hi Larlkyn,


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          I personally am a fan of heat maps, especially for time-series data like you have.  One possible option would be to create a heat-map that mimics a calendar to show how the different metrics change on a daily basis over the course of a month.  I made this sample view (workbook also attached) using your data:



          Hope that helps get you started!

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            Tableau kumar

            Hi Dan Sanchez,


            I have created alot of Calendars for my BUZ Users, I have added more than 6 KPI to the Calendar............. YTD, WTD, MTD......................


            I am posting here Just to express I too like creating Calendars .



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