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    Extracts Target Workers Not Gateway

    Marcus Mateer

      We are currently on Tableau 9.2 and are running a master and two workers . I am a server administrator in the environment and I can remote in to directly administer all three servers.


      When I download a workbook to Tableau Desktop not created by me from our Tableau Server, it has the data connections as linking to extracts on the worker boxes. However, I receive an error message


      "Cannot connect to Tableau Server. Please check the server name and port and try again" with details: "Internal communication error: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK (worker 1)"


      when I try to open it. How do I point the workbook's extracts to the master server, not the workers, when I download it? Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing? I can repoint the workbook to the Master upon opening, but that doesn't change the target of the extracts and I can't republish, since Tableau throws a fit when there's links to two servers in one workbook. I'm really trying to avoid having to re-download all the datasources directly from the server and replacing the ones targeting the workers every time I download this workbook.


      Any thoughts?

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          Jeff Strauss

          Hi Marcus.  We run a distributed cluster with a primary and 3 workers, so it's similar to your environment.  The workbooks should always point at the gateway server, in our case we provide a DNS entry (insights.cnvrmedia.net) to our analysts in order for them to publish up to here.  The fact that there's workers in our environment is invisible to our analysts as the distributed workload is handled by TS internally.

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            Marcus Mateer

            Right. That's how I understand it should be working, but it's not and I'm not sure why.

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              Jeff Strauss

              have you talked with a few of the analysts that publish the workbooks to server to find out the TS endpoint that they are typing in when connecting from desktop?  Perhaps you need to guide them to use the proper.

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                Marcus Mateer

                I don't believe that's the issue, as sometimes when I download the workbook it points to worker 1, and sometime it points to worker 2. That leads me to believe it's a Tableau Server issue.


                I'll ask, but from what I've seen in the past he's connecting straight to the gateway server to grab the extracts.


                Thanks for you help, in any case.

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                  Robin Cottiss

                  See this KB article:


                  Error "SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK" Connecting to Tableau Server | Tableau Software


                  Your problem is related more to your SSL certificate rather than Gateways and Data Engine locations (although the gateway DNS names come into play). If you have multiple gateways on the workers and you allow people to publish directly on different gateways, and you are using SSL then your SSL certificate must support the DNS names you are using to connect to your gateways. There are several solutions. The most common is to use a proxy or load balancer to provide a single hostname alias for all the gateways and make sure your SSL cert uses that DNS name, and that your users use that alias, or if you really want users to connect to different Tableau gateway DNS name make sure your SSL cert know all the names you and your users might use.



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                    Marcus Mateer

                    Hi Robin,


                    We have one gateway which should be the only spot to which users can publish workbooks. As far as I know, that should be the target when I download the workbook. However, the workbook is targeting one of the workers (randomized as to which) when it's downloaded, not the gateway. The user is not publishing the workbook to the worker; rather, I'm guessing that the Tableau load balancer is switching the location of the extracts (and maybe the workbook?) between the two workers. Then, when I download, it's not using the gateway server's location but is keeping the worker server as the source of the workbook.


                    The issue isn't necessarily that I can't access the worker; I don't want to publish directly there anyway. The issue is that the downloaded workbook has the worker as the server when it should have the parent.


                    Thanks for the help!