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    Server error after upgrade to 9.3 version

    Rodrigo Selari

      Hi Experts


      I hope you can help with this issue. Actually just started and happened only in PRD after the implementation of the newest version 9.3


      the scenario is that.

      I have a Data warehouse based on SQL 2008 and before the upgrade the connection was working well. I have a few views which some scheduling for automatically refreshes for occurring daily (all of them were working well before the upgrade) now they stop and showing an connection failed error message. I tried to edit the connection and update the password (the connection test worked well) but the link if I click on refresh now doesn´t work as expected.


      I checked the database and everything looks fine, ID and password hasn´t been changed.


      I also re-publish the dashboard using the newest Desktop version as well but didn´t work.


      A few info:


      • SQL 2008 R2 64bits
      • Windows Server 2008 - 32Gb of memory / Intel
      • 500Gb of space in hard drives
      • Tableau Server 9.3 (no error during the pre-tasks and neither during the upgrade)
      • The tests occurred in QA with success, the same error didn´t happen
      • Desktop are in the same version
      • I´m the administrator of the server
      • This only happens for dashboards that are scheduled and were previously published (using Desktop version 9.0) this is why I tried to re-publish but didn´t work.
      • The download of the tableau file doesn´t work, I get an error every time I tired to download from web or from the desktop.


      Hope someone helps me.