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    Repeating a SUM across different parameter options in the same graph

    Herman Law

      Hi There,


      Let's say my data is as follows:


      Product / Price / Delivery Time (days)

      A / $10 / 4

      B / $20 / 6

      C / $15 / 2



      And I would like to show the total sum of cost of all the products and place a color split based on the $ amount above or below a certain delivery time value. I currently am able to create a simple stacked-bar chart / pie graph that shows a split of this. I additionally set parameter control such that I can variably change the delivery time and I can dynamically adjust to see the split change based on the parameter. This works fine for me.


      My question is there a way in which I can show the same graph side-by-side based on pre-defined interval levels? Say 5 days, 10 days, 15 days etc?


      I've tried repeating the SUM pill as separate rows with multiple dimension split filters and placing them - but I would like to have the stacked bar charts side by side, rather than one above another. This seems a bit brute force of a method as well. Is there any more elegant way to do this?


      Any ideas / suggestions are welcome.


      Attached a sample workbook.