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    Getting total sales in tableau for all order numbers that have order number same as beverages

    Shivang Desai
      Hi All,


      I am a bit stuck in getting a particular scenario for Tableau.



      I am trying to get total sales for a particular sales order which includes only beverages.



      Example: Salesorder#1: Beverages - 5$

                                            Chicken - 10$


      Salesorder#2: Chicken - 12$

                           Chips - 8$


      Salesorder#3: Deserts - 4$

                             Beverages - 6$



      I just need sum of total which has beverages in it. So, as per above examples, I should get Total = 25$ i.e. (Beverages + Chicken = 15$) and (Deserts+ Beverages = 10$) and it should not include the salesorder2.


      How can I achieve this in Tableau?


      Also an extension top this is getting all by a store name?


      Kind Regards


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