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      1. Create a dashboard where we can flip between 2 different views, the user should be able to select either a pie chart or a bar chart to view sales by catergory


      2. Add a dropdown control so the user can change the dimension on the axis and switch between category/sub category/items for the bar chart


      3. Project the MoM(Month over month) growth of profit per month/year from 2012 to the current date


      4. Create a dashboard where the user can slide a parameter to select the top n states on the map and add a web tile on the dashboard where the user can see the wikipedia page of the state when the user selects a state on the map.


      5. Create a line chart to project profit, sales and quantity together (three lines on the same chart)


      6. Create a lolipop chart to show the sales per state and mention the value on the circle.


      7. Find out the profit bin (split by bin value of $1000) with the highest number of items.