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    Discontinued/Deleted Dashboards from Tableau Server started sending subscriptions again.

    Gessica Briggs-Sullivan

      Hi All-


      I am having issues with deleted Dashboards/Workbooks from our Tableau Server environment started sending subscriptions again.

      They started a few weeks back but I can't figure out where they are coming from.....


      Here is some information that may help find the cause if anyone can help:


      1. We are currently on version  9.1.6
      2. These dashboards have not been available for over 17 months now.
        1. They were deleted when we moved from a smaller VM server environment to a larger HA environment.
        2. The hyperlink to the Tableau server stayed the same even though most everything else changed.
      3. The email that the subscriptions come from is no longer available and can not be found anywhere in our Tableau server environment. (That I can find anyways. It is different from the new DL located in the configuration panel.)
      4. The current subscriptions are coming from a new email as well.
      5. when you clik on the email to get to Tableau Server, we get the following message:

      That page could not be accessed.

      Either the view does not exist or you do not have the necessary permissions.

        6.  I am the Tableau Admin and have permission to get to everything.

        7.  These subscriptions are also not found on "My Settings" so I cannot remove them from my subscriptions.

        8.  The VM that we were using for our old environment has been decommissioned and was wiped clean before it was put down.

        9.  There have been no major changes in the last few weeks in our Tableau Server environment,


      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Thanks for your help,



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          Matt Coles

          Wow, great detailed writeup of your issue!


          First place to check in my mind would be the Background Tasks for Non-Extracts admin view, if you haven't already. You could correlate the time the email was sent to the date range in the dashboard, and look at the Notes field to match it with the subject.


          If you can't find it there, then to me, what you're describing is most likely due to a rogue server still running somewhere. Could be Tableau Server running on someone's personal machine, or perhaps a backup server, or the VM zombified itself back to life. If you can't identify it, I'd get your IT folks to trace down which machine was responsible for sending the mail to the SMTP server. That should pinpoint which host is doing this, even if it doesn't quite get you to why it's doing it.


          If you know that the subscription is coming from the mail Server instance you now have (the HA environment) and the data is nowhere to be found in the Admin View showing that it actually was sent, then it's time to talk to Support, in my opinion.


          Hope that helps,


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            Gessica Briggs-Sullivan

            Thanks Matt!


            I checked the background tasks and nothing shows for theses emails. These emails are sent daily at 6am....so, it should be easy to find because nothing else sends then... but nothing shows as sent at that time in the backgrounder nor in the subscriptions view under 'Tasks".


            My initial thought was a rogue server as well.... I asked the vm team and they said there is no way that could occur. (They're the "prove it's not your fault before you ping us" team.)


            I'm going down the SMTP road now.... I'll let you know what happens there.

            I also opened a case with Tableau support as well. Not sure what else they can find, but always worth a try.


            Thanks again for your help!!!!