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    Filtering by Calculation


      I am creating a dashboard where our sales reps can view their customers who have the highest average purchase.


      However, I would like for them to filter out those customers that have only purchased once if they want to.


      So I was thinking of having a parameter/formula such as:


      CASE [Show Ordered Once]  --this is a boolean

      WHEN 'Yes' THEN [# Times Ordered]  --purpose is to show all values

      WHEN 'No' THEN [# Times Ordered] > SUM(1)  --purpose is to show only where they ordered more than once.

      ELSE ''



      I have a feeling that what I'm doing wrong would be blatantly obvious to some of you on here so any help is much appreciated!


      I have also tried this as well:


      IF INT([# Times Ordered]) > INT(1) then [Parent Organization] ELSE '' END , but then the "cannot mix aggregate  and non aggregate formulas" error comes up.


      Thank you