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    Are user's favourites present after a backup

    Stephen Ryan



      I am being asked if user's favourites will be restored after migrating Tableau Server to a new machine, I intend to restore the data with the command tabadmin restore --no-config <filename>. I understand that the users, data sources and workbooks will be restored.


      Kind regards,

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          Bill Lyons

          I will admit that I have not proven this, but since the favorites are stored in the same PostgreSQL database as all of the other things you mentioned, if some is restored, it should all be restored.


          Hopefully, since I moved this to the Server Admin forum, others can confirm this.

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            Donna Coles

            Bill's right - its all stored in the same postgres database so if you're doing a tabadmin backup & restore then the user favourites data is retained...we've done this when upgrading our servers. 


            Of course this assumes when your user asks you about favourites they are actually referring to Tableau's favouriting functionality on Tableau server and not browser favourites via bookmarks etc which may break if your new sever has a different name :-) 

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              Justin D'Cruze

              They most definitely are, otherwise we would have a lot of angry users after every upgrade

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                Mark Wu

                Yes. I just did one Tableau data restore to different server as part of validation of backup process yesterday. I used --no-config option since it is restored to diff machine. Tableau's restoring is cool - everything is restored, include user, password, permission, subscriptions, schedules, workbook/extracts, data connections, etc. The overall backup file size is 11G. Backup tool 14 mins. Restoration took 30+ minutes (restored to a slow machine too).


                Since we do not run this restore command often, I thought that it would be interesting to share my restore command prompts so you see what Tableau does:


                C:\Windows\system32>tabadmin restore --no-config c:\backup_temp\tableau_data-2016-05-06.tsbak

                ===== Beginning to restore the backup

                ===== Verifying backup manifest

                Please enter the password for corp\markwu:

                ===== Initializing Tableau Server File Store remotely

                   -- Initiating built-in extract engine data restore

                   -- Restoring service data from backup file

                   -- Database restore completed.

                   -- running migrations

                ===== Validating Database schema signature

                ===== Schema Signature is valid

                ===== Initializing Tableau Server Coordination Service 0 remotely

                   -- Waiting for built-in extract engine data restore to finish.

                   -- Extract engine data restore completed.

                ===== Migrating extract data to filestore...

                ===== Finished Migrating. Cleaning up unmigrated data...

                ===== Cleaning up any unmigrated folders.

                   -- Restoring web data connectors

                   -- Web data connectors were distributed to all gateways.

                   -- Web data connectors restore completed.

                ===== Locking permissions on C:/ProgramData/Tableau/Tableau Server/data

                ===== Locking permissions on C:/ProgramData/Tableau/Tableau Server/config

                ===== Building search index

                ===== Search index built

                ===== Backup restore completed

                ===== Enter "tabadmin start" to start the service

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                  Stephen Ryan

                  Thanks Bill for moving the post to the Server Admin forum.


                  Thanks Donna for letting me know and it is around Tableau favouring functionality.


                  Thanks Justin for confirming.


                  Thanks Mark for sharing your experience.


                  It is good to know for sure as I assumed the favourites would be restored but that would have been a guess.