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    Tableau Public Exporting to Powerpoint?

    Shawn Wallwork

      Since I've been a Desktop user from day one, I only have a vague idea of the limitations of the Tableau Public authoring/publishing model. A brand new client (totally unfamiliar with Tableau) wants to use the 'free' Tableau software to create maps that can then be exported to Powerpoint -- slide-by-slide. Of course this can be done using Desktop, but I'm guessing it's not something that would work in Public. I'm I right?


      Thanks for any and all suggestions.





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          Manideep Bhattacharyya

          Shawan - I have started working in Tableau Public only. From Tableau Public only download workbook in  twbx and share your url via various popular social networking sites. Data limitation is 1 million rows. Nothing else can be done from there.


          You mentioned about downloading Map into Power Point from Tableau. This part I was not very sure of. Are you taking about taking print screen as image and put it to Power point.





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            G Marc Turner

            Interesting idea that I hadn't thought about before seeing this question. You can download a PDF or image from Tableau Public. I don't know of a way to go directly to PowerPoint though (and didn't realize that was an option in Desktop). So, you could download each dashboard/sheet as an image and paste into separate slides in PowerPoint. Or...


            If you download as PDF, there is an option to download "sheets in workbook" which places each visible sheet/dashboard into a PDF on separate pages. For testing, I chose to create the PDF in landscape since that's closer to the layout of PowerPoint. I then did a quick web search and came across a free on-line PDF to PPT converter.


            I uploaded the PDF I downloaded from Tableau Public and within a few seconds had a PowerPoint file with each dashboard on a separate slide. Some items it did as images, but text was actually editable Unfortunately it didn't do a good job converting a map from the PDF. Still, the general concept of Tableau -> PDF -> PowerPoint worked, so with a better converter this might be an option to help automate the process rather than needing to download and insert each image separately.


            Hope this helps



            UPDATE: I just checked in Adobe Acrobat Pro and it has an export PDF as PowerPoint option which did a much better job than the free on-line converter.

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              Jonathan Drummey

              Hi Shawn,


              Are you looking to do this from Tableau Public's desktop application or

              from Tableau Public itself? And are you looking to automate the process or



              - From Tableau Public desktop I have no idea, someone would have to

              download it and install it.


              - From Tableau Public you can manually download PNGs.


              - From Tableau Public you can use the following URL structure to get a PNG

              (and put that URL in curl or another app), however it looks like Tableau

              always includes a footer:



              I tried the undocumented :size and :pixelratio options on Tableau Public

              and neither worked, unfortunately. So if the PowerPoints are going to be

              printed then the viz would need to be set up at a larger size to still look

              good when printed.






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                Shawn Wallwork

                Thanks folks. This helps. Marc, sorry I didn't mean to imply that there is an export to Powerpoint option in Desktop. The process is the same for Desktop as you described for Public. Like Jonathan I'd never downloaded the Public app. Now that I have I see that it seems to be a full-featured version of Personal Desktop (with the limited data connection types that implies), but with the Save and Saveas options disabled.


                Jonathan thanks for the URL option, I'll pass it on.