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    How can i show all the data on a row when filtering?


      I have created a worksheet that shows the z-score of the number of escalations for each employee.  To calculate the z-score I used the information provided by Tableau within this link Calculating Z-scores | Tableau Software.  The screenshot below shows the worksheet that I've created.




      What I'd like to do is as follows:


      • Create a filter that shows all the data for an employee who has a z-score above 2 (or whatever variable is chosen)


      Creating a filter such as IF [z-score] >= 2 then "Y" ELSE "N" END results in only seeing the z-scores for a 'Trader' above that variable.  This is what I want but I also need to be able to see all the data points across the Months in the columns.


      Any help would be really appreciated