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    Make 6 months worth of data populate in one data point

    Kim Garcia

      Hello Tableau Experts,


      I am currently working on a metric reflecting activity in the last 6 months. I'm using a line graph for this and I plotted my data on the month of hire.



      Since I am interested in looking at 6 months worth of data, I did a window sum so when you have the January data it contains data from July 2015-January 2016. My question now is, since I am plotting against the hire date, when I look at the underlying data, it will only give me the January hires and not include the rest of the past 5 months, which is also essential. Is there a way that I can make Tableau populate 6 months worth of data on these data points (above photo - January, February and March) so that when we look at the underlying data for each data point, it will show the last 6 month worth of data that I am after.


      I hope I was able to explain this well.


      Looking forward to your innovative responses.