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    filters in Storyline



      i have one story in which there are two dashboards.

      in both the dashboards filters are same.

      i want the data of both dashboard to change accordingly when i choose the filter from one of the dashboard.

      filter  should reflect in both dashboards of the story.

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          John Sobczak

          If I understand this right, it should just be a matter of applying the filter to all the worksheets on both dashboards.  Or you can even apply the quick filter globally to all using the same data source.



          Multiple sheet filter.png

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            Ashish Chaudhari

            Hi Nilay,


            Please refer to the screenshot and follow the steps. Please select the "All sing this data source" option. This filter will be applied to all the sheets which are created using the same data source and it will filter the both dashboard at the same time.



            Thanks and Regards,

            Ashish Chaudhari

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              Ivan Young

              Hi Nilaykumar,

              Unless something has changed, it is my understanding and experience that filters will only work for one single storypoint which they are in, so you will not be able to have your filter selections carry over to any other points.


              There is a workaround to apply filters globally to storypoints however it requires setting the filters outside the story, however since your story has only two points this is probably not worth your time to implement.  Below is a link to a story using global filters applied from outside a story if you are interested.


              Good luck,



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