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    Remove Highlights from Dashboard

    Debtanay Laha



      I am tearing my hair off with a seemingly stupid issue Need help urgently!!


      I have Dashboard A (Master) and Dashboard B (Child).


      Dashboard A drives Dashboard B.


      Master has a selector table displaying City Names. When I select a particular City Name, say City 1 from Master an action is triggered and we move to Child.


      Actions on Child:

      • There is a similar selector table in Child where it should show City 1 highlighted.
      • The rest of the tables and graphs on Child gets filtered on City 1, only the "selector table" has City 1 highlighted (I cannot filter the selector table in the Child because I need to show the user the other City Names)


      Now when the user wants to select a different city name from Child he clicks on the city name from "selector table", say City 2, the tables and graphs get filtered on City 2. However, the earlier highlight on City 1 due to the action from Master still remains which is misleading the user! I don't know how to clear the highlight from the action.


      Please help!!