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    UK postcodes dual maps with two sets of independent data

    Philip Gladwin



      I would like to plot two sets of independent data on a map of the UK.  I have made some progress and attach my attempt so far.

      Map 1 on the attached workbook shows as points on a map of the UK.  Great.


      Map 2 shows another set of data as a heatmap.  Great.


      I encounter a problem when try to create sheet Mapdual which is my attempt at placing Map 1 and Map 2 on top of each other.
      Could anybody help?  I would like to see blue spots (Map 1) on top of a heat map (Map 2).


      I've placed "Longitude (generated)" twice in the columns.  I've created a "dual axis".  But as you can I can't make the points appear as poin


      Could anybody help?