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    MAX Value across dates

    eliza suzuki

      I need a MAX value of the example:



      IDCapacity Measure4/5/20164/6/20164/7/2016


      The values for A are already a MAX LOD, for the dates:  WINDOW_MAX(SUM([capacity measure]),0,0) / COUNT([File Creation Date]).


      The Capacity Measure is a Dimension to validate that I have the correct values and the MAX LOD did it's job, for each day.


      When I take the date field out of the Columns and the capacity Measure out of the Rows, it doesn't take the MAX value of 404.847, rather it averages the 404.84 and the 404.646 to 404.780.  I need the value to be the MAX value of all the numbers for ID A, which should be 404.847.


      How do I do this?  I have tried all sorts of calculations and nothing is preventing the averaging of the numbers.



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