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    Dynamic date range filter value range

    K P

      Hello All,

      I have a date range filter in one of my workbook as a global filter.

      For some reason, I can not set that filter to show all database value.

      I select all database value option then save and go back to edit filter, I see it back on relevant values only.

      I dont know why. May be I am doing something wrong.

      So I would welcome some suggestions and solutions for this problem.



      I have tried the other way to do date range filtering.

      just like this.

      Creating a Date Range Filter That Automatically Updates | Tableau Software

      But, I can not set default values to be Minimum and Maximum of the database. Our data constantly changes, so does date values in database.

      For this option I would like minimum and maximum values to be dynamic according to data. Parameter doesnt let me select min or max date as a current date.


      Is there any workaround or solutions for these problems?


      All I need is, when I open dashboard, Date range is already between minimum and maximum date and then I can change the date range.


      Thanks for the help.