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    Distinct Count of Team Members assigned to a Program

    Jaspreet Narang

      Hi Everyone,

      Updated: I created a simple visualization using 2 data sources where it shows programs and the projects underneath them along with some project info like Project ID, Project Name, Resource ID and Resource Name. Let's take Big Data as an example to explain what I am trying to achieve here:
      Big data has 4 projects underneath them - Group Data has 1 resource, Transformation has 3 resources, Enrichment has 1 resource and HIPPA has 1 resource also. Therefore, the total number of resources assigned to those 4 projects are 6.
      But from a program standpoint, there are only 5 resources assigned since one of the resources(Jesse Singh) is working on 2 projects, therefore he is being counted as twice.
      How can I calculate the distinct number of resources from a Program Standpoint ?


      I have attached the workbook also(Version 9.0).




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