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    Building a heat map with words, years, and frequencies of words.

    Travis Heeter

      Hello all!

      I have gathered the top 25 topics from the past 8 years of state of the union speeches, and I'm trying to produce a heat map. Ideally we could see each topic on the y-axis and each year on the x-axis, and the number of mentions producing the color of the intersecting square. However, I'm having a lot of problems - I seem to be getting very close on a few different attempts, but nothing has been totally successful.


      I have followed the given Tableau example, and read a few forum posts, but as of yet haven't cracked this one. The closest I've come is having a heat map for one year only. If I drag another year into the color Mark, it replaces the year that's there. And if I drag all the years onto Columns, it gives me basically a bar chart, even if I change the Marks to Square.


      I have attached my data below. I feel like I'm so close, but there's some small thing I'm forgetting.


      Thanks for the help!