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    Overwrite/Change the value in URL filter by changing the Quick filter

    Atika Bindal

      I have 2 dashboards. Dashboard A and Dashboard B. They both are different workbooks and are published separately, but they both show information regarding "Program".

      For users they can either directly go to Dashboard B or navigate from Dashboard A by selecting a program. Dashboard B has a "Program" Quick filter.


      When I navigate to Dashboard B from Dashboard A by selecting "Program A". The Dashboard B shows data correctly but when I change the Quick filter to some other program it shows a blank report, because the URL filter still shows "Program A".

      I am not sure if this is a recent issue but this was working sometime earlier. Is there a way to make it work? i need to overwrite the Quick filter value in URL .

      I am using Tableau Desktop 9.1 and Tableau Server 9.1.