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    How to calculate average on Grand Total

    Oscar Lim

      Two parts to this post and appreciate any help.  Thank you very much.



      Using Tableau 9.0


      1.  How do I calculate the average of columns SurveyTot, AdjustedTot, and AdjustedScore to show in the Grand Total row?

      Tableau file attached Demo Tab.twbx

      Data is blending of two excel files (Demo Tab and Demo Tab Factor)

      First excel contains the question and results.  I have used Tableau pivot to reshape the data (SQuestion and SResult).


      2. Without using blending but to JOIN, how do I join the two after reshaping the data?

      Demo Tab Excel file contains both SurveyRes and Factor worksheets.

      SurveyRes contains the survey questions and results

      Factor contains the survey weight/factor that will be used to compute for survey score

      I was expecting that after reshaping, the 2 pivot fields created will show up in the drop down list of SurveyRes.