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    Clear or white Off Particular Cell

    Narasimharao Thurai

      Hi Experts,


      I have a Worksheet with data which i should white off that particular cell or column but i should able to see sub total , I have like 12 measures and i am using table to show data because users wants table  to been shown. please see below screen shot.


      If i change anything to one column it changes to all the 12  measures columns. I tried splitting all those measures individually.  Please see excel sheet


      1) I divided positive and negative to show totals for each measure (Which Sum of positive and Sum of negatives for that measures)

      2) measure 2 is the  basically a LIMIT(Like only constant number for that sub item and sub name ) 15,000 for some rows and null for sum rows .


      So, users wants to see only 15,000 in the subtotals for different names and they don't want to see the 15,000 anywhere else  in the column but they need to see total ( Right now i am using MAX function to show the 15,000 in the total )


      I want to remove that 15,000 from all rows and show only total. (cell formatting that to white color or blank or maybe 0 also works for me)


      Any help would be good. I am posting first-time in tableau forum. Please reply to me with any ideas, if anybody did not understood the issue please let me know.