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    Drivers for slow server performance


      Greetings all


      Asking for a friend, so I apologize in advance if I don't have enough details. One business unit has regular issues with server performance. When we upgraded from 8.2 to 9.2 it seemed to help out a little, but still have users complaining about slow performance. I talked to one of the content creators to see what their site is like. Some key points:


      1. At the time, they had over 80 data sources (typically backend db's and not Excel files) published to Tableau server

      2. They have a good number of workbooks over 500mb on server, some over 1 GB (and one topping out at 2.97 GB!)

      3. Their data is call center data, so many of the workbooks transcend organizational hierarchies (call taker, supervisor, manager, region). Because of this, some of their workbooks have many user filters so as the person accesses the report on server, they only see their information. the # of user filters per workbook is probably in the hundreds


      So my question is.....where would they even start to see what might be driving slow performance? I advised her to scale back the published data sources, as well as removing some of the less used workbooks that were over 500 MB in size. However, I'm not a server admin so I don't know a lot of impacts on the backend. Does anyone have any suggestions on possible solutions?