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    Issue - missing data from some columns in future years

    Andrew Picciano

      Apologies if this sounds like newbie question, I'm still learning the ropes of Tableau.  All data is coming from an Excel file.  I used an extract from this Excel file to populate numbers for years 2015 - 2019.  Some columns pull all the data for each of the years, but some are missing; either they have 2015/2016 populated and not 2017-2019, or a combination of years populated/not populated.  Strangely, only 2015 has all of the numbers populated.  I cant figure out if the data format in Excel is bad, or I put on a calculated field that filtered out certain locations.  The only calculated field is listed below:



      As the numbers total correctly when I sum everything up by region, I have a feeling its something to do with my calculations.


      Here is the chart showing the missing values for future years. 


      Thanks for the help.